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Marymount Manhattan College

"I’m an extrovert and I love being around people. But, this year I’ve faced multiple identity crises. I went into this year knowing, 'I’m going to be an acting major, I’m going to do this', and that’s the path that I thought for sure I was going to take. And then when the path I was set on taking led to my breaking down, I started to realize I wanted to explore other things.


I started to get lost in myself and the world around me. I’m actually in the process of transferring schools so that in itself has been very difficult. I’m trying to get a better sense of myself, my direction in life - my purpose.


I just felt very lost and I think sometimes my biggest fear is not being good enough for anything. I get nervous I’m not talented enough to make it as an actress, or be good enough to succeed in the advertising world. I worry that I’m not smart enough or something."

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