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"For the past 22 years of my life, I have felt as if I have been shaped and created by those who are around me. I unconsciously allowed that to happen because I did not know who exactly I was suppose to be. 

Somewhere along the way, I lost a feeling of genuine happiness. Of course, I smiled and laughed sometimes, but that true feeling of pure happiness was nowhere to be found. I soon realized that I had lost myself. I had lost the person that was truly inside my body and soul. That has led me to feel confused, scared, and unaware of who I truly am. 

For such a long time I have let others make my decision, but now I realize it’s time to live life my way. What others say or think should not matter. This is my life, my journey, and my happiness. 

I promise to be true to myself. I will go after what I want and do what I feel is right. And if that attitude comes across as selfish, conceited, or something even remotely negative, then so be it. Nothing can stop me from loving myself. It is now time to make this my story and not the story that others have written for me. 

I have lost myself, but I am ready to find myself."

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