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Marymount Manhattan College

"One thing for me that usually comes up a lot is feeling like I’m not allowed to speak my mind. Whenever I try to I always get the sense that either people just aren’t listening to me, not caring about what I have to say or just feel like what they have to say matters more. I’m always interrupted mid-speech. 

I tend to get this feeling like, ‘I have a say in what I want to talk about, why are you doing this right now?' But I know that I have a valid voice and my opinions do matter. 

And that’s why I’m a writer - my only solace is that I can speak my mind through my writing. Through writing I have the opportunity to go on and on about different things. I can write ten pages just talking about my favorite disney movie [which is Peter Pan]. Feeling like I have a voice make me feels a lot better about myself. I just need to work on making sure my voice is heard and not being afraid to say, “Hey, I have a voice let me speak, my opinions matter too! Let me be a part of the world.” 

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