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21, New York NY

"When I came here, I thought I wanted art history. I start, and not even three weeks in, I was totally lost and realized it was so not what I wanted. It was scary because it was three years and I thought I had it all set and planned. Then all of a sudden I'm a junior and realize I have to start all over.


So I was thrown into communications and I've been trying every single job you could possibly think of - art, PR, fashion week -- I even got to work with celebrities! And though you would think this would be glamorous enough to make me happy, I realized deep down it wasn't what I wanted. It's funny because people look at me and say 'oh I wish I had that job, I'm so jealous!' And for me, I'm just looking at them, jealous that they actually know what they want. I know at the end of the day I'm going somewhere though - I mean I genuinely believe that. I just haven't found out what it is yet!"

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