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"I've always been incredibly motivated and ambitious, hoping to be a force for good in the lives of others and my own life journey. I was always sure of myself, decisive and opinionated. After experiencing quite a few losses in life and realizing the magnitude of the decisions we make, I have become fearful of making the wrong choices that might lead to really difficult circumstances for myself or those that I love. This has led to overthinking, asking for others' advice, and drowning the little voice in me that's speaking truth. I am weak to making choices based on fear. The practice of mindfulness has been a force of good in my life and I am learning every day how to trust myself, and listen intently to that core of me that lets me know what my body is trying to say. Turn It Around came to Kenex this summer and gave us the gift of opportunity to share and "out" that persistent negative thought that stops us in our tracks. I realized that I do trust myself because I am competent and present in my experiences. It is OK to not know and to make choices without certainty of a specific outcome. I also appreciated the opportunity to wear my thoughts on my skin. I struggled so much with body image as a little girl, teen and adult, and seeing a photo of myself activated all the little negative thoughts that come with not liking what you see in a photo of your physical self. It initially caused me panic. I look at my Turn It Around photos at least once every two days since camp, and each day, I see less of the imperfection and more of the message, the beauty and the bright energy that's inside me. The photo pushes me to lean into my darkness, so I can see the light. Thanks, Turn It Around."

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