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"3 weeks after my 19th birthday, I lost my Mother to cancer. Just like any suburban upper-middle class kid, my Mom was the primary source of structure, direction and energy in my life. She maintained organization, she offered practical guidance for each phase of growing up and with that, she provided me with the re-assurance that I could handle what life was going to throw my way. She was, simply put, my biggest fan and I had no idea how much she contributed to my confidence, courage and overall self-esteem until that re-assurance wasn’t there anymore. I acted as if this void didn’t impact my behavior, but by doing so, I grew paranoid and unhealthily unsure of all my decisions, with approval seeking being at the root of every interaction. ‘Turn it Around’ allowed me to realize that you have to lean into the negative sensation associated with these unsure moments, that you have to embrace them, and that to defeat your own self-doubt, you have to identify and listen to the uplifting sentiment that lives in perpetuity just on the other side of that pessimism." 

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