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“Ever since I was young, I always critiqued myself for every mistake I made. Even though being reflective and learning to grow from your mistakes is often healthy, for me, my weaknesses and shortcomings often make me doubt that I have initiative or talent to pursue passion and purpose in my life. When I do something wrong, I internalize it to the point where I don’t see why I even try at anything. Maybe who I believed I could be was merely an exaggeration of talents I thought I had? Maybe those people in my life who said I had potential just said what they said to be nice?


However, instead of seeing all of my mistakes as a reflection of my lack of potential, I want to focus on every mistake I make as an opportunity for growth. When I fail a speech or a paper, it doesn’t mean that I will always fail all speeches or all papers. Instead, each “failure” is an opportunity to learn and build new talents that I can use down the line to fulfill my passion and purpose.”

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