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"I grew up in Tokyo and I lived there for 18 years. I've been here almost 9 years now. In Japan, you're made to prioritize work over your family, your relationships and, anything else really-it's just been that way for a really long time. Coming here, I believe that was the way to live and to be validated: how much and how often you worked. Living here, dating Cade, i've had to unlearn those things. I realized that my work is not what defines me; that even if I don't put in 13, 14 hours a day that doesn't make me bad-that doesn't make me a bad worker or a bad person. I could feel the rush recently of being validated by the amount of work I was doing on a variety of projects, and while she was great about the whole thing, I'm learning to say no-it's just so key. I'm still unlearning this behavior. I'm just so much happier this way-I get to be fulfilled now in so many other ways." 

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