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Our mission is to provide a simplistic approach to a complicated problem: turn it around. In providing positive affirmations for negative thoughts through photographic expression, individuals will be able to gain a newfound sense of self. Through a public confession of fears and a public commitment to change, participants are empowered to craft a new narrative.







The tenets of our mental health initiative are bracingly simple: individuals have the negative thought

they believe inhibits them written onto their backs. They then turn around and have the corresponding positive thought written on their fronts. These dialectic ‘turn it around’ statements are brought forth through daylong peer-to- peer round-table sessions administered by our group.



In June of 2020, shortly after the murder of George Floyd, we took a necessary pivot to address racism in America. The #Discomfort4Change anti-racism initiative is meant to highlight some of the racist comments and micro-aggressions we hear on the news, at our dinner tables, and perhaps inside our own minds. #Discomfort4Change is meant to address those statements head on, spark discussion, and provide one of many responses.


Its goal is to provide a toolbox for having effective, uncomfortable, and productive conversations with colleagues, friends, family, and ourselves about race and privilege. Discomfort is difficult but necessary for growth, and we hope that facilitating these uncomfortable conversations will pave the way for lasting change.


We recognize that our responses are limited and we are still learning. To that end, we ask for feedback, comments, questions, and alternate responses. Let’s continue to learn and grow together.



Founder Abbe Dembowitz started Turn It Around in November of 2015 after struggling with severe self-esteem issues and a crippling fear of imperfection. After turning her own life around, Abbe sought to make a change in the lives of others. As she states, "lasting change begins with us."

The Turn It Around Project was an idea hatched from her knowledge of the generation's response to social media and her method of improving her own thoughts: turning them around.


She hopes to help others the way she has been helped and allow for a community in action, reminding people that they are never alone and that strength can always be found from within.


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